Researchers at the Niels Bohr Institute have shown that light sources can be made much faster
Experimental setup for measuring light falling on and moving through an opaque layer, using fluorescent microscopy to monitor the results.
Crystal Display Systems LucidVue Transparent OLED
The biologically inspired OLED is patterned with hierarchical structures very similar to those on a firefly. Credit: Kim, et al. ©2016 American Chemical Society



CEO interview: Exar's 'reboot' almost done, says DiNardo

Q1: Exar has been on steady corporate acquisition program over the last couple of years. Was it a case of consolidate or be consolidated? Louis DiNardo: The company pursued a lot of strategies between 2005 and 2012 and when I took over as CEO, January 3 2012, we were a relatively small company. There is latency between spending on R&D and return on investment so acquisition is a way to speed that up. We've been able to pick up assets:... Read more



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