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Lumiotec to ship OLED lighting panels samples

January 27, 2011 | Julien Happich | 222905621
Lumiotec to ship OLED lighting panels samples Lumiotec, a company established to assess the business viability of organic light-emitting diode (OLED) lighting panels, will begin sample shipment in February. The company is looking to expand production scale from July to around 40,000 panels per year, and plans call for the commencement of commercial-based, mass-produced OLED panel shipments by 2013. The samples to be shipped are design sample kits, which consist of a 145x145mm OLED lighting panel, a controller and an alternating current (AC) adapter.

The price of the set is 80,000 yen (706 euros). Domestically, the sample kit will be available for purchase online at Lumiotec's website from February 15. Overseas enquiries will also be taken via the website. After shipment of the sample kits, Lumiotec will pursue the potential of OLED lighting applications in a wide variety of usages and explore new demand possibilities, in addition to replacement of existing conventional lighting devices, by seeking out opinions from the lighting industry, including illumination planners and lighting designers who have actually examined the product.

Leveraging the development of a new device structure enabling simultaneous achievement of increased brightness and longer operating life two features that in the past were considered performance trade-offs Lumiotec has prepared for OLED production and established a pilot mass-production line at a production facility in Yonezawa. The realization of a high-speed, large-scale production system (in-line deposition equipment with linear evaporation source for large substrates) has also significantly enhanced material utilization efficiency.

OLED lighting panels offer advantageous features that neither conventional light sources, such as electric light bulbs and fluorescent tubes, nor light-emitting diodes (LED) provide, and therefore they are expected to be a promising next-generation lighting source.

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