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New AC input LED drivers focus on high brightness LED lighting

September 23, 2010 | Paul Buckley | 222903830
New AC input LED drivers focus on high brightness LED lighting RECOM has developed a new series of constant current LED drivers with universal AC inputs, power factor correction and UL certification. The first two products in the "all inclusive" RACD series are a 12 W and a 20 W solution to meet the needs of the high brightness LED lighting market.

With universal AC input and constant current output of 350 mA or 700 mA, the RECOM AC input LED driver modules are suitable for driving almost any LED manufacturer's products and almost all LEDs systems in the industry as they have a wide output voltage range over which the constant current regulation works. They can be used with single LEDs or with strings of up to 16 LEDs.           

Both the RACD12 and RACD20 also feature built-in >0.95 power factor correction, 3 kVAC input/output isolation, a fused input and are fully protected against short circuit, open circuit, overload and over temperature, all of which guarantee a robust, trouble-free and safe design. The converters are certified to the new UL8750 standard for driving LED arrays.

The drivers are designed to be simple to use without an extensive knowledge of electronics and offer both input and output screw terminals and an additional 5.5 mm socket output. The socket allows the LEDs to be pre-wired with a matching plug to avoid possible miswiring and make lighting installation easier and safer.

With over 70,000 hours of operating life, the RECOM RACD12 and RACD20 series are ideal for commercial, residential and industrial lighting systems.         

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