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Webcasts focus on solid state lighting system composition

December 20, 2010 | Paul Buckley | 222905147
RECOM Power is releasing its inaugural webcasts in an ongoing web series that will focus on practical design applications using RECOM products.

The inaugural webcasts include simple instructions on how to assemble high power LED lighting, showing that SSL lights can now be easily and quickly constructed using solder-free plug and play parts including the LED’s, connectors, optics and RECOM’s LED drivers.

The webcasts are available through multiple channels including the RECOM website and RECOM’s YouTube channel and can be viewed in English, German or Chinese.

Also featured is the webcast of Steve Roberts’s 24 minute conference-style seminar, “Powering the lighting revolution”, that was recorded at the 2010 Electronica in Munich.

The seminar assumes no knowledge of electronics from the viewer, yet explains how to build safe, reliable and well-designed solid state lighting systems based on RECOM’s Lightline LED driver series.

RECOM will continue to highlight new applications in conjunction with our partners in order to assist with our client’s application design worldwide.
To view the webcasts click the links below:

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